Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Maximize Business Profits thru SharePoint 2010

Any Business whether its small, medium or large enterprise revolves around three critical areas.

3.Process to rotate the above two
Incoming and outgoing as a substance have various components related to it, Like [products, substance, material, Manpower, vendors, finance [Blood to run the business] etc].

To make it simple I am listing below a few examples:
1. IT Company: Companies which works, in Outsource model scenario Outsourcing manager request a resource and HR sends a resume of a person who has already resigned. Result-BUSINESS LOSS
2. Product Manufacturing Company- Daily new stock is being added without the information whether the old stock has been sold or not. Result-[useless expenses without need] - Resources LOSS
Now think of a company:
1. Company has implemented consolidated intranet portal using SharePoint 2010 Few listed below are the advantages the company enjoys:
1. All the employees have single platform and URL to remember for all the organizational processes.[One Platform with integration of All Internal & External Systems]
2. All the employees do their attendance, Leaves, which is integrated to payroll from this itself[Outgoing Controlled in terms of man power]
3. All the vendors registration, with the approval lifecycle process being governed from here and mail with alerts for events being initiated.[ Outgoing Controlled in terms of external , internal vendors]
4. All the orders, request, proposals with the current status displayed on dashboard according to roles and rights access. [ Outgoing Controlled in terms of what needs to be developed what needs to be worked on and when, Clear visibility of Incoming – when and how]
5. All the processes being streamlined implemented and accessible to all at single platform.
6. Organizations having Block the internet sites, can create RSS feeds web parts to provide access to various topic of interest to employees.

In nutshell I summarized how SharePoint 2010 can be of use to all, for any specific queries send an email to vguptadelhi@gmail.com.