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Implementing Document Management System

Think This before you implement Document Management System or To optimize it if you have already implemented.

SharePoint 2010
Analyze Document Management Usage in Organization
Intent: Understand the features of Document Management 
Date: Saturday, September 10, 2011
By: Vishal Gupta SharePoint 2010 Certified
S.No. Questions
[Answer question as per your Organization Context]
Creation & Store
1 Document Management is used to? ____________________
·         Create Documents [Yes/No]
·         Store Documents [Yes/No]
·         Collaborate Documents [Yes/No]
·         [Other] ____________________
2 Day to day Office Documents are stored at? ____________________
·         File Share [Yes/No]
·         Intranet Portal [Yes/No]
·         Local Computer [Yes/No]
·         IBM Web sphere [Yes/No]
·         SAP [Yes/No]
·         Lotus Notes [Yes/No]
·         [Other] ____________________
3 Document types created or stored are? ____________________
·         Microsoft Word Document [Yes/No]
·         Microsoft Excel Workbook [Yes/No]
·         Microsoft Power Point Presentation [Yes/No]
·         Adobe PDF Documents [Yes/No]
·         [Other] ____________________
4 Maximum Size of the Document to be created or stored?
·         1 Mb or Less  [Yes/No]
·         > than 1 Mb Les than 5 Mb  [Yes/No]
·         > then 5 Mb  [Yes/No]
·         [Other] ____________________
5 Versioning is Required? [Yes/No]
6 Versioning Scheme to be used?
·         Major [Yes/No]
·         Minor [Yes/No]
·         Other ____________________
·         None [Yes/No]
7 Whenever a document is changed a new version should be created and maintained? [Yes/No]
8 Which versioning scheme is used when everyone in the team must be able to view all the iterations of each document?
·         Major [Yes/No]
·         Minor [Yes/No]
9 Single user can edit a document at a time, making version
control simple and secure?
10 Versions of documents should be captured automatically? [Yes/No]
11 Comment on changes that were made when a document is checked in? [Yes/No]
12 Saving the successive iterations of documents is required? [Yes/No]
13 Are there instances, when user checkout a file, and don’t wish to save It? [Yes/No]
14 Major Version to differentiate between draft versions and
published version of documents are used?
15 Define document Properties [Metadata] to be stored, while
storing Documents?
·         Author Name [Yes/No]
·         Creation Date [Yes/No]
·         Author Designation [Yes/No]
·         Document Title [Yes/No]
·         Document Type [Yes/No]
·         Document Purpose [Yes/No]
·         Format [.Doc, .Xls, .ppt etc.] [Yes/No]
·         [Other] [Yes/No]
16 Metadata routing and storage to move the documents in desired document library is required? [Yes/No]
17 Sort and then send content into different containers (sites,
libraries, and folders) based on metadata?
18 Metadata navigation builds upon the SharePoint Tree view
hierarchy control to find content is used?
19 Filter and find content in document libraries by using metadata? [Yes/No]
20 Update metadata in set of Documents at once? [Yes/No]
21 Suggest changes to the person managing the taxonomy from the Edit Properties page of a document? [Yes/No]
22 User generated taxonomy used to categorize and retrieve
documents are required?
Policies,Permissions & Deployment - [Designation or group of Users]
23 Documents are created by?  ____________________
24 Documents are Reviewed by? ____________________
25 Documents are edited by? ____________________
26 Documents are used by? ____________________
26 Documents are approved by? ____________________
27 Provide permission to individual item in Document Library? [Yes/No]
28 Designs of web sites used for hosting documents are created by? ____________________
29 Guidelines and policies for managing documents are set by? ____________________
30 Who manages records in organization? ____________________
31 Servers on which documents are stored are maintained by? ____________________
32 Access to document at each stage of its life cycle is
·     Manually [Yes/No]
·     Using Workflow [Yes/No]
33 Where to store a document at each stage of its life cycle? ____________________
34 How to control access to a document at each stage of its life cycle. ____________________
35 How to move documents within the organization as team members contribute to the documents' creation, review, approval, publication, and disposition? ____________________
36 Policies to apply to documents so that document-related actions are audited, documents are retained or disposed of properly, and content that is important to the organization is protected? ____________________
37 Document has to be converted from one format to another as it moves through the stages of its life cycle? [Yes/No]
38 Set document retention Policy? [Yes/No]
Record, Content Management
& Workflow
39 Documents are treated as corporate records, which must be
retained according to legal requirements and corporate guidelines?
40 Send Documents to multiple record management Center? [Yes/No]
41 Use Content Types which can be shared across Site Collections as well as Farms? [Yes/No]
42 Content types used?
·     Business Intelligence [Yes/No]
·     Content Organizer [Yes/No]
·     Digital Asset [Yes/No]
·     Document [Yes/No]
·     Document Set [Yes/No]
·     Page Layout [Yes/No]
·     Publishing [Yes/No]
·     Special [Yes/No]
·     Custom [Yes/No]
·     Others [Yes/No]
43 Take the contents offline? [Yes/No]
44 Generic templates [Contents] to Create Documents and store documents are used? [Yes/No]
 45. What Templates are used to store documents? ____________________
46 Content Types have policy associated to them ? [Yes/No]
47 Folder Partition setting in content organizer to create new
folder once a specific limit is reached is used?
48 Workflows are used to run business process in Documents? [Yes/No]
Others[Document Set, Co-authoring, Delete]
49 Store documents as a Document Set? [Yes/No]
50 Multiple users should be able to work on documents
51 Co-authoring is supported in Word and Excel Documents not in PowerPoint required? [Yes/No]
52 Drop-off library rule to move the documents is defined? [Yes/No]
53 Download all the files as a zip folder? [Yes/No]
54 Move document to temporary location before delete? [Yes/No]
55 Send email when a document is uploaded, created or edited? [Yes/No]
56 Open Documents in web browser? [Yes/No]
57 Rate the documents? [Yes/No]
58 See Most Recently Updated Documents in View? [Yes/No]
59 Identify Documents with ID, so that if they are moved to
different location then also they can be identified?
60 Allows users to tag items they like as they browse the
repository, so that a user can quickly review the content that they indicated that they wanted to review in further detail at a later time?
61 Move files in Document library using Rich User Experience? [Yes/No]
62 Apply multi-stage capability, review after 90 days, if no one
has viewed this document in 1 year then move to the Recycle Bin?
63 Define Children folders items that reside at lower levels within the folder can either inherit the policies at the folder level, or can have their own policies define? [Yes/No]
64 Search Features to be used :
·         Solid metadata search [Yes/No]
·     Wildcard search [Yes/No]
·     Full text search [Yes/No]
Note : All of
these features are supported by SharePoint 2010.

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