Friday, 19 October 2012

SharePoint 2013/SharePoint 2015 Features

1 SharePoint 15 Introduction
1.1 general model has stayed same as in previous version
1.2 Numerous platform level improvements and new capabilities 
1.2.1 Shredded Storage
1.2.2 SQL Improvements
1.2.3 Cache Service
1.2.4 Request Management
1.2.5 Themes
1.2.5 Sharing
1.3 Service applications 
1.3.1 New service applications available and improvements on existing ones
1.3.2 Office Web Apps is no longer a service application
1.3.3 Web Analytics is no longer service application, it’s part of search 
1.4 Enterprise Content Management
1.4.1 Site-level retention policies Compliance levels extended to sites Policies include: Retention policy for sites and Team Mailbox associated with site Project closure and expiration policy
1.4.2 Discovery Center Designed for managing discovery cases and holds Establishes a portal through which you can access discovery cases to conduct searches, place content on hold, and export content 
1.4.3 eDiscovery capablities Support for searching and exporting content from file shares Export discovered content from Exchange and SharePoint
1.4.4 Team folders Seemless integration of Exchange and SharePoint to provide best of both world and end user flexibility 
1.5 Web Content Management
1.5.1 Support the tools and workflows designers use
1.5.2 Variations & Content Translation
1.5.3 Search Engine Optimization
1.5.4 Cross Site Publishing
1.5.5 Video & Embedding
1.5.6 Image renditions 
1.5.7 Clean Urls
1.5.8 Metadata navigation 
1.6 Social
1.6.1 Microblogging Share content, links, and media Follow people, sites, content, and conversations
1.6.2 Activity Feeds Provides a view into recent activity related to content, links, media, and people
1.6.3 Communities Community sites with self-service administration and moderation Modern community features such as achievements and reputation
1.6.4 Discussions Modern discussion boards
1.6.5 Blogs Client application integration Categories, comments, and moderation 
1.7 Search
1.7.1 New Search architecture with one unified search 
1.7.2 Personalized search results based on search history
1.7.3 Rich contextual previews 
1.8 Business Intelligence
1.8.1 Excel BI Instant analysis through In Memory BI Engine Power View Add-in
1.8.2 Excel Services Improved data exploration Field List and Field Well Support Calculated Measures and Members Enhanced Timeline Controls
1.8.3 PerformancePoint Services Filter enhancements and Filter search Dashboard migration Support for Analysis Services Effective User
1.8.4 Visio Services Refresh data from external sources – BCS and Azure SQL Supports comments on Visio Drawings Maximum Cache Size service parameter Health Analyzer Rules to report on Maximum Cache Size
1.9 Mobile
1.9.1 Classic and Contemporary views for mobile browsers
1.9.2 Automatic Mobile Browser Redirection
1.9.3 Target different designs based on user agent string
1.9.4 Office Mobile Web Apps Excel PowerPoint Word
1.9.5 Push notifications 
1.10 Evolution of customizations in SharePoint
1.10.1 SP2007 Services (IIS, Apache, Other, …) -->_vti_bin SharePoint 2007 [Custom Code] -->Services (IIS, Apache, Other, …) ---->SP2007
SharePoint 2007 [Custom Code] -->SharePoint Interface
1.10.2 SP2010 Services (Azure, IIS, Apache, Other…)  -->_vti_bin SharePoint 2010 [Custom Code] -->SharePoint Interface ---->CSOM--> SharePoint 2010 [Custom Code] ------>Services (Azure, IIS, Apache, Other…)  ----------> SP2010
1.10.3 SP2015 -------->Declar. App & 
Workflow Events
(Azure, IIS,
Other, etc…)
----------> api----->SharePoint W15
SP2015 Interface---->SharePoint 2015
SP2015 Interface---->Services
(Azure, IIS,
Other, etc…)


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