Thursday, 2 September 2010

100 Ways to Go Green Paperless Office

“Go Green Paperless Office”

I am starting this post as social responsibility toward making environment clean and green using Paperless Office. During coming 20 posts I will briefly describe 5 ways in every post to make your office green and paperless.

In the era of technology, when all the brains are working towards saving natural resources then also trees are being cut and land is being made barren.

 Today let’s take a Pledge to save the natural resources, and it starts from Our Offices where we spend most time of the day.

Now days, through technology [Microsoft “SharePoint 2010"] it is possible to create paperless office in few clicks and also to become contributor to our social responsibility "Save Environment".

A Few features of SharePoint 2010 which can be implemented in Organization easily are:

1. Meeting Room Booking - Booking a meeting room is the daily activity in an organization, instead of using paper pen one can go to intranet portal [created in SharePoint 2010] and do it in a few clicks.

2. Business Card Printing Request - Every day new employees join an organization, they send a request to get business card printed which can easily be achieved in just a few clicks [SharePoint 2010].

3. Taxi Booking Request - Whenever employee has to go outside office for official purpose, taxi needs to be booked and approved by the manager. On the Intranet Portal [SharePoint 2010] employee can easily logs in even from home and do this in seconds.

4. Stationary Request - Employees need stationary on and off, but administration department say enter here sign here (paper used).Intranet Portal [SharePoint 2010] enable to do this without using any paper.

5. Leave Approval - Employees take leave, either employee send an email to manager or sometime does on phone or sms or on paper which all becomes unable to track. [SharePoint 2010] enables to do so in hassle free click ticks.

Ultimate aim is to save paper & to create paperless office.

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