Saturday, 15 November 2014

SharePoint Audit:Explore the Hidden Gem

SharePoint Audit:Explore the Hidden Gem

Microsoft SharePoint, a phantom product by Microsoft, necessary for all organizations. The organization size can be classified on the basis of
1.Number of Employees Working
2.Number of SharePoint Functions They are going to use

SharePoint works on three key Pillars:
1. Information Architecture
2. Capacity Planning
3.Governance Model

So if you have already installed SharePoint in your organization and want to find whether the phantom is giving the best utilization! SharePoint Audit is Must.

"SharePoint Audit: Lets you make aware whether you are using SharePoint at fullest, what you are not using and Whether what you are using is as per best practices or not."

The Three key deliverable of SharePoint Audit are

  1. Utilization Capacity
  2. Best Practices
  3. Recommendations
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