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1.5 SharePoint Features

1.5 SharePoint 2010 Features

As mentioned earlier, SharePoint product family contains many products & evolution of these products started long back. It contains various features related to CMS, DMS, RMS. The key versions, which made SharePoint Popular, are Moss 2007 and SharePoint 2010.
SharePoint 2010 crosses the boundaries of browser and reach at mobile desktop, to enhance the employee’s productivity while they are away from the office. With the enhanced mobility access, employees can access information, share and edit the presentation or documents instantly.
Microsoft has labeled SharePoint 2010 as a business collaboration platform for enterprises and the web because it opens up new domains for managing a number of activities from the workplace like:
·         Document management
·         Web content management
·         Workplace collaboration
Microsoft SharePoint 2010 revolves around six pillars, which covers the whole functionality. These six pillars are:
Sites: Microsoft SharePoint 2010 uses different sites, which help users in getting relevant information quicker. These sites can be used through internet, intranet or extranet. It enables users to share information, data and expertise across organizations. Organizations can take advantage of personalization, content management, and social networking and collaboration activities through any type of site.
Communities: the new version of SharePoint allows users to work together in different ways. Microsoft has enhanced the social feature of SharePoint 2007 in SharePoint 2010 and has made it look better. Communities allow people to collaborate in groups, share knowledge, and find information on various topics easily.
Content: SharePoint content shifts SharePoint 2010 from a departmental solution to an enterprise solution. There has been massive improvement in content wherein users can add a significant number of documents to SharePoint. They can even use external data storage options to store more data.
Search: Microsoft SharePoint 2010 has acquired FAST search server, which improves the search tremendously. Now, users not only can search for content, but also people. They can opt for better language options with thumbnails and previews. They can even sort out the search queries and study similar search to get relevant search results.
Insights: with the help of SharePoint insights, users can access information through different data sources like dashboards, scorecards, reports and more. To help users, Microsoft has introduced performance point server to the SharePoint platform. It is also known as Performance point services for SharePoint. It helps users discover right people and expertise to make better business decisions.
Composites: SharePoint being a complete platform helps users in creating their code solution on premises or in the cloud. Complex application can be developed with the help of well-known tools like:
·         InfoPath
·         SharePoint designer 2010
·         Visio 2010
 Above mentioned six pillars contians various features of SharePoint 2010.

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