Thursday, 23 May 2013

SharePoint 2013 Limitations and Boundaries

Web application limits

The following table lists the recommended guidelines for Web applications.
LimitMaximum value
Web application20 per farm
Zone5 per Web application
Managed path20 per Web application
Solution cache size300 MB per Web application

Content database limits

The following table lists the recommended guidelines for content databases.
The largest number of items per content database that has been tested on SharePoint Server 2013 is 60 million items, including documents and list items. If you plan to store more than 60 million items in SharePoint Server 2013, you must deploy multiple content databases.
LimitMaximum value
Number of content databases500 per farm
Content database size (general usage scenarios)200 GB per content database
Content database size (all usage scenarios)4 TB per content database
Content database size (document archive scenario)No explicit content database limit
Content database items60 million items including documents and list items
Site collections per content database10,000 maximum (2,500 non-Personal site collections and 7,500 Personal Sites, or 10,000 Personal Sites alone)
Remote BLOB Storage (RBS) storage subsystem on Network Attached Storage (NAS)When SharePoint Server 2013 is configured to use RBS, and the BLOBs reside on NAS storage, consider the following boundary. From the time that SharePoint Server 2013 requests a BLOB, until it receives the first byte from the NAS, no more than 20 milliseconds can pass.

List and library limits

The following table lists the recommended guidelines for lists and libraries.
You can create very large document libraries by nesting folders, or using standard views and site hierarchy. This value may vary depending on how documents and folders are organized, and by the type and size of documents stored. Subsite2,000 per site view
LimitMaximum value
List row size8,000 bytes per row
File size2 GB
Documents30,000,000 per library
Major versions400,000 (If you exceed this limit, basic file operations—such as file open or save, delete, and viewing the version history— may not succeed)
Minor versions511
Items30,000,000 per list
Bulk operations100 items per bulk operation
List view threshold5,000
Coauthoring in Word and PowerPoint for .docx, .pptx and .ppsx files10 concurrent editors per document
Security scope50,000 per list

Security limits

LimitMaximum value
Number of SharePoint groups a user can belong to5,000
Users in a site collection2 million per site collection
Active Directory Principles/Users in a SharePoint group5,000 per SharePoint group
SharePoint groups10,000 per site collection
Security principal: size of the Security Scope5,000 per Access Control List (ACL)

Search limits

The following table lists the recommended guidelines for Search.
LimitMaximum value
Search service applications20 per farm
Crawl databases5 crawl databases per search service application
Crawl components2 per search service application
Index components60 per Search service application
Index partitions20 per search service application
Index replicas3 per index partition
Indexed items100 million per search service application; 10 million per index partition
Crawl log entries100 million per search application
Property databases10 per search service application;128 total
Link databaseTwo per Search service application
Query processing components1 per server computer
Content processing componentsOne per server computer
Scope rules100 scope rules per scope; 600 total per search service application
Scopes200 site scopes and 200 shared scopes per search service application
Display groups25 per site
Alerts100,000 per search application
Content sources50 per search service application
Start addresses100 per content source
Concurrent crawls20 per search application
Crawled properties500,000 per search application
Crawl impact ruleno limit
Crawl rulesno limit
Managed properties50,000 per search service application
Values per managed property100
Indexed managed property size512 KB per searchable/queryable managed property
Managed property mappings100 per managed property
Retrievable managed property size16 KB per managed property
Sortable and refinable managed property size16 KB per managed property
URL removals100 removals per operation
Authoritative pages1 top level and minimal second and third level pages per search service application
Keywords200 per site collection
Metadata properties recognized10,000 per item crawled
Analytics processing components6 per Search service application
Analytics reporting databaseFour per Search service application
Maximum eDiscovery KeywordQuery text length16 KB
Maximum KeywordQuery text length4 KB
Maximum length of eDiscovery KeywordQuery text at Search service application level20 KB
Maximum length of KeywordQuery text at Search service application level20 KB
Maximum size of documents pulled down by crawler64 MB (3 MB for Excel documents)
Navigable results from search100,000 per query request per Search service application
Number of entries in a custom entity extraction dictionary1 million
Number of entries in a custom search dictionary5,000 terms per tenant
Number of entries in a thesaurus1 million
Ranking models1,000 per tenant
Results removalNo limit
Term size300 characters
Unique terms in the index2^31 (>2 billion terms)
Unique contexts used for ranking15 unique contexts per rank model
User defined full text indexes10

User Profile Service limits

The following table lists the recommended guidelines for User Profile Service.
LimitMaximum value
User profiles2,000,000 per service application
Social tags, notes and ratings500,000,000 per social database

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