Wednesday, 25 May 2011

1.6.5 .Net vs SharePoint 2010

1.6.5 .NET vs. SharePoint

There is lots of difference between both technically, but the key lies in understanding the User requirements. In Simple terms, the key differences are:

Feature Name / Area
To achieve even simple requirement, code needs to be written.
Lots of pre-defined web parts and elements available no need to write the code.
Takes time to create the code and test
Very less time required
Skilled Professionals
Skilled professionals are required to create the functionality
Even novice professionals can do so easily
License Requirement
Not required at the time of deployment of solution
Free versions available, but in case of extensive requirements License is required

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  1. This is regarding point3. If sharepoint is so easy, why is there always a scarcity of sharepoint resources versus .net?