Monday, 6 September 2010

100 Ways to Go Green Paperless Office

“Go Green Paperless Office”[6-10]

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In continuation to series of Paperless office, the most critical thing everybody faces is “very difficult to find the information”. So this post is revolves around Search:

6. Colleague Tracker : In wide spreader geographical environment it becomes difficult to find who is present in office , lots of offices gave access to messengers[which puts IT Policy on Toss, but no choice].SharePoint provide Colleague search web part to easily find who is online and to message them in close environment.
7. Tag Cloud: The same information is available at various places, but it takes lots of time to find it and retrieve it. Now a day’s people wants to see only valuable information or such information which lots of other people are searching and viewing.[Tag Cloud- highlights these valuable key words and makes them bold so that user can click them and go straight to information].
8. Faceted Search: This is the interesting feature it allows to aggregate the contents on basis of categories and also displays the number of the contents available for those contents.
9. Best Bet: In an office varied people tends to seek same information but search with different name, for e.g.: to seek Leave policy few employees will search for “Leave Policy”, few will search for “Employee Leave Policy”, few might search with some other name but as a manager you wish to show all the same result which is easily possible thru Best Bet.
10. Search on properties (document, content, picture): It becomes so easy to search like enter the name of the person who created document, when is document going to expire, on the size of the document etc. etc anything you think of just create the property and you can get the desired result.

The best part is it does the search in seconds and also displays how much time is taken to do so. Most of the features till now described in the post are Sahrepoint builtin features.

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