Wednesday, 8 September 2010

“Go Green Paperless Office” [11-15]


While sleeping today a dream comes to me, and “ god” asked “Vishal” I want to give you a “Wish” today, what you want?

I said “god” you have given us all the good natural resources but as human beings we have not utilized them properly and hence feeling the pain. But now my wish is to “Go Green Paperless Office”, kindly enable us to do so. god said I am with you all.

In continuation to series of Paperless office, the most critical thing everybody faces is “very difficult to find the information”. So this post is revolves around Search:

11. Query Formation: Think in an organization, project manager want to see all the documents being created by Ram and Tony. Project manager can easily search for this. Project manager can use any operators like “AND, OR, NOT”. These operators can be used to find the desired result in combination.[Ram AND Tony, Ram Or Tony, Ram not Tony]
12. Wild Card [*,?]: Lots of time its being required to search all the documents starting with letter “A” etc. In SharePoint 2010 jut type A* it will provide all the documents having A as stat letter with any characters in end. Wild card only works at the end of the string. [*A will not fetch useful result, but A* will displays all documents starting with letter A].
13. Suggestion while Typing: Now days in fast life, our expectations from this gadget are increasing many folds, we want everything to be done automatically; hence Microsoft provided a feature of “providing suggestions “while you start typing in search box the suggestion related to words are provided. You start typing “Sh” it will give you suggestions “Share, Shine” etc. So that you can just select and “GO”.
14.DID you mean Suggestion : It not only provide the suggestions at the time you are writing the key words , but once you pressed “GO”, then also it say “Did you mean SharePoint” or any keyword which is best suitable for the keyword you initiated the search for.
15. Federated Result: To provide a search from remote location servers when data is huge the feature called federated result can be used.
The user will initiate a query and result will be displayed from SharePoint index server as well as remote index server associated.
For e.g. remote index server “” is associated the search query or “India” will search all the result from as well as local search server.

So friends, SharePoint search provides features [tag cloud, faceted search, search on properties, search using operators, Federated result, Search suggestions etc.].Starts using all these features and enable organization to provide fast easy and quick information.

In case of any queries, feel free to post me at

Please provide you support in genuine cause of saving environment and making paperless office as now “ god is also with us “.

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