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Elections can be boosted using SharePoint
SharePoint Feature
Finalizing Election Dates
1.1 KPI/Dashboards can be associated with every state to know the status of the state as of now.
1.2 BCS/BDC can be used to integrate with state existing system to fetch the relevant data.
1.3 Announcement to announce the dates.
1.4 SMS/Emails Integration to send the details to Voters and state Bodies
Election Nomination Filing
2.1 Nominees can file their nomination online even using their mobile.
2.2 Notifications: As the nomination is filed an alert is send to various stakeholders
2.3 Nomination Checking: As the system is integrated with other key system till state level, the qualifications defined by election commissioner can be validated at the same time.

Election Publicity
3.1 Internet Portal in Multilingual languages can be used to display the work done by government in past days, Manifestos and Vision documents.
3.2 Nominees can reach to voters by bulk email or sms or by providing them the mobile view of the work done
3.3 Political parties can inform the voters of region about the meetings or Rath Yatras to be held in the constituency
3.4 Parties can even conduct Pre poll surveys by having Rating on the work performed
Election Counting
4.1 Electronic Vote Counting machines can transmit the data instantly to election commission portal , hence no manual intervention in final counting increasing the performance and creating transparent system
Election Result Declaration
5.1 The results as come can instantly can be send via/emails and mobile to the voters of the constitution and other important stakeholders
5.2 Political parties can perform trend analysis to reason of their big win or defeat without effort, as the details will be displayed in graphs/charts.
1.Various documents created during the processes can be stored in document libraries[versioning, co-authoring, check-in-checkout]
2.Announcements:announcements during the life cycle of election processes can be used to inform various stake holders
3.Mobile Views/Email Integration: To send the notification in form of email or mobile text
4.KPI/Dashboard: To perform trend analysis and  key indicators
5.BCS/BDC: To integrate with existing state systems to fetch and integrate the data as record
1.Operational Efficiency
2.Operational Transparency
3.Cost/Time Saving
4.Scalable System
5.Reliable system
These are broad level features, can be detailed out more and Microsoft SharePoint enables to achieve this easily.

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